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This record is awesome for its papers at the new 2+2 strategy, in addition to for updates at the confirmed 3+1 strategy, together with either Newtonian and completely relativistic codes. The contributions variety from theoretical (formalisms, life theorems) to the computational (moving grids, multiquadrics and spectral methods).

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Ruffini, A. Sepulveda, Astroph. J. 460, 762 (1996). 5. S. Filippi, R. Ruffini, A. Sepulveda, Phys. Rev. ) 6. D. Lai, F. A. L. Shzpiro,Astroph. J. Suppl. 88, 205 (1993). 7. P. and G. J. Mathews, J. R. Wilson, Phys. Rev. D 60, 087301-1 (1999). 50 STRONG A N D WEAK LENSING CONSTRAINTS ON GALAXY MASS DISTRIBUTION Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, E-mail: Jean-Paul KNEIB 14 Av. fr France Gravitational Lensing is a unique tool to constrain the mass distribution of collapsed structures, this is particularly true for galaxies, either on a case by case basis using multiple images of background sources (such as quasars), or statistically using the so called galaxy-galaxy lensing technique.

This is only strictly correct in the case that the marginal distributions are Gaussian. Otherwise this is a good indication of the uncertainty. Note that these uncertainties take into account the errors on all parameters, including the unknown x, y position of the galaxy, effectively marginalizing over them. Note also that most probable values and uncertainties can be trivially calculated for any galaxy parameters, not just the parameterization used for the fitting. For example, e + for each e and 6 (eqn.

The ellipticity-ellipticity angular power spectra obtained are shown in Fig. 1, along with the corresponding weak lensing prediction. The most obvious feature in Fig. 1 is that for a low redshift survey, intrinsic correlations are expected to dominate over weak lensing, while with (-^src) = 1-0, they are a very small contaminant to weak lensing measurements. The reasons for this are twofold: the lensing signal is proportional to the projected density which increases with survey depth, while the intrinsic signal is increasingly washed out by projection effects for deeper surveys.

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