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By Julie Kerr Casper PhD

Throughout the process thousands of years, animals have tailored to numerous environments in the world. even supposing animals have advanced over geologic time to Earth's always altering environments, and even supposing the extinctions of sure species are general, in no different time within the planet's historical past has the extinction cost climbed as excessive because it is this present day. explanations of this remarkable extinction price contain destruction of flora and fauna habitat, toxins, overfishing, and poaching. "Animals" illustrates those pressing matters in a way obtainable to center and highschool readers.

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Even though the same geological forces are still active today, these resources—which were formed from the remains of dinosaurs and ancient vegetation millions of years ago—will never be replaced within our lifetime. Energy resources, such as wind power and waterpower are considered renewable because they are readily abundant and can be generated within a short period of time. Ecosystems are complex and fragile. All elements of living systems are interwoven; if one element is affected, the entire system is affected.

Wildlife concepts and geographical distribution composed of heterotrophs, which eat dead organisms and use oxygen for cellular respiration. Wetlands have the highest species diversity of all ecosystems. Many species of amphibians, reptiles, birds (such as ducks), and furbearers can be found in wetlands. Some wetlands have a higher salt content and provide habitat for shrimp and shellfish. Animal Adaptations—Mechanisms for Survival Populations depend on their environment or habitat to meet the basic needs for survival.

When calculating an age using these “molecular clocks,” scientists also use the relative dating and absolute dating techniques discussed previously. In putting together the history of life, scientists look for patterns that exist, based on the concept that species have common 29 30 animals ancestors. By looking at ­so-­called family trees, scientists can determine biological classifications of life. By correlating fossils from different parts of the world, scientists are able to assign relative ages to rock formations and fossils.

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