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By Thomas M. Schmitt

A textual content and reference giving a pragmatic account of equipment the decision and comprehension of commercially very important person surfactants, in addition to these in compounds. Describes the make-up and structural drawings for an array of surfactants, stories suggestions for determining them within the atmosphere, and extra.

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Later, cylcohexylamine in methanol or ethanol (23,24) and triethylamine in 50:50 acetonitrile/ethylene glycol (26) were recommended as more stable titrants. ) This method requires that the sulfonates and sulfates be present as the free acids. Salts may be put into the acid form by passage through a strongly acidic cation exchange column in the acid form (21). Procedure: Titration of Sulfuric Acid in Sulfonic Acids with Cyclohexylamine (23,24) Prepare cyclohexylamine titrant in MeOH or EtOH and standardize by potentiometric titration against sulfamic acid.

A) Column chromatography (1) Salting out chromatography. Hydroxyalkanesulfonates and alkenesulfonates may be separated from each other by a variant of ion exchange chromatography called saltingout chromatography (93). Procedure (93) The separation is performed on a column of Amberlite CG-50, 25 x 400 mm, mixed Na+ and H+ form, thermostatted at 352C. 5 M NaCl solution is used, with the column effluent checked batchwise by the methylene blue method to detect TM Copyright n 2001 by Marcel Dekker, Inc.

B) Column chromatography. 500 ppm range. This procedure is suitable for levels of sultone in the 10- Procedure (89) Two grams of an aqueous 40% sample solution is mixed with 20 mL of 2:1 acetone/water and applied to the top of a silica gel column, 50-150 mesh, 20 x 250 mm. The column is eluted with 500 mL petroleum ether. 1 g KOH and again evaporated down. The residue is analyzed colorimetrically: The residue is dissolved in 85 mL water and transferred to a separatory funnel. 5 mL cone. H2SO4 to 1 L water), and 15 mL CHC13 are added.

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