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By Nnamdi Anyadike

This document analyses the country of the aluminium industry first and foremost of the twenty first century, taking a look at the aftermath of the MoU and at tendencies and advancements within the tested and rising industry economies contemplating the adjustments and demanding situations confronted by way of aluminium in its middle car, packaging and development end-use sectors.

  • A transparent and specified research of the and its significant markets
  • A survey of developments in mining, refining, processing, end-use and consumption
  • Unique and industry forecasts

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The advantages are that emissions could be reduced and energy efficiencies improved, although by 15-20% compared with the estimated 20-30% for the more radical pre-bake conversion option. 8 bn over three to four years. The main advantage of this approach would be that metal production could be increased by some 20-30% for the same power consumption, hazardous emissions could be reduced and the work could take place without halting production. However, the installation of new potlines at the Sayansk smelter is an example of how renovation can uplift a smelter's operations.

Four others were built in the 1950s and two in the 1960s, with the two newest, the Achinsk and the Nikolaev, built in 1970 and 1980 respectively. Both the age of the refineries and the poor quality of the domestic resource base mean that they are at a significant disadvantage compared with their western counterparts. In 1992, it was reckoned that those plants using the nepheline process had production costs of some three and a half times the production costs of refineries in western Australia. Since the mid-1990s and in the new millennium, the picture has worsened.

But Kantor's words failed to appease aluminium consumers in the US, or indeed in Europe where some independent consumers were outraged about the high cost of their raw materials. The furore in the US also affected the post-MoU climate to the extent that there was plenty of anecdotal talk of senior US aluminium company executives reluctant to be seen in the same room as rival company executives for fear of being accused of breaching anti-trust legislation. In the light of US consumer concerns, the US Justice Department opened an anti-trust investigation into the US aluminium industry for possible anti-competitive practices, although the investigation did not specifically mention the MoU.

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