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Z Longitudinal control of the aircraft through trim wheel. Elevators kept at zero deflection.. z Manual trimming through trim wheel : z Lateral control from pedals. - amber message on PFD (“USE MAN PITCH TRIM”) z Loss of all flight envelope protections : z Manual trimming through trim wheel : - red message on PFD (“MAN PITCH TRIM ONLY”) - conventional aural stall and overspeed warning. z Automatic reconfiguration after loss of basic control law in either axis. 16 Performance comparison of sidestick/FBW and conventional controls z A300 flying testbed equipped with dual sidestick/FBW system (left side) and control column conventional flight control system (right side).

Z Two main zones are separated by protective padding : - Forward zone : - for most frequently used functions at the front of the panel - for system controls : arranged in three main rows : • center row for engine related systems arranged in a logical way • lateral rows for other systems - Aft zone, not used in flight, mainly : - for circuit breakers corresponding to essential systems necessitating segregation - for a small maintenance panel corresponding to some systems not linked to the Centralized Fault and Display System (CFDS).

1 inoperative or Green pump failed : then Green system pressurized by the reversible Power Transfer Unit (PTU) - if engine No. 2 inoperative or Yellow pump failed : then Yellow system pressurized by the reversible PTU - if Yellow system pump inoperative and PTU failed : then an electric pump will pressurize the Yellow system. - if case of dual engine failure or total electrical power loss : the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) will pressurize the Blue system. W. 5 5. 1 A319/A320/A321 EFCS advantages The Electrical Flight Control System (EFCS) provides : z Safety improvements (stall / windshear / overstress / overspeed protection) z Economical aspects - weight saving = ∆ W > 200kg considering the impact on AFS A319/A320/A321 plus same weight gain on wing structure due to integration of load alleviation function function (A320 only).

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