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Can you construct a poultry feeder that retains squirrels out? the place do earthworms prefer to dwell? Does colour impact human feelings? study the solutions to those questions and extra with the joys experiments during this ebook. younger scientists will detect and discover behaviors of animals' interactions with environments. Many experiments comprise rules you should use on your technological know-how reasonable.

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But was the owl really locating mice with its ears, or did it smell the mouse? Perhaps the owl detected its prey by the heat radiating from the mouse’s body. Could the owl, like rattlesnakes, have eyes that can see the infrared light released by warm bodies? com FIGURE 13: A large part of a barn owl’s diet is mice. ” Actually, he used a wad of paper that he pulled along the floor with a string. If the owl was guided by heat or odor, it should not be able to find this cold mouse. —the owl landed on the wad of paper.

That factor is often called a variable. For example, if you want to investigate whether green plants need light, two groups may be used. One group is called the control group, and the other is called the experimental group. The two groups of plants should be treated exactly the same: They should receive the same amount and type of soil and water, be kept at the same temperature, and so forth. The control group will be put in the dark while the experimental group will be put in the light. The variable is light—it is the thing that changes—and it is the only difference between the two groups.

Keep flammable substances away from fire. When doing these experiments, use only non-mercury thermometers, such as those filled with alcohol. The liquid in some thermometers is mercury. It is dangerous to breathe mercury vapor. If you have mercury thermometers, ask an adult to take them to a local mercury thermometer exchange location. When using a microscope, always use indirect lighting when illuminating objects. Never use the microscope mirror to capture direct sunlight. Because the mirror concentrates light rays, you could permanently damage your eyes.

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