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On highways throughout the USA, a tribe of individuals referred to as the genuine Knot trip looking for sustenance. they give the impression of being harmless—mostly previous, plenty of polyester, and married to their RVs. yet as Dan Torrance is familiar with, and spunky twelve-year-old Abra Stone learns, the genuine Knot are quasi-immortal, dwelling off the steam that youngsters with the shining produce once they are slowly tortured to loss of life.

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For once, I was Ready. To. Go. “That will be thirty-nine ninety-six,” I told our customer, a regular, as the numbers totaled on the cash register. It had been a long, hot day, our air-conditioning had been acting up, the HVAC crew was missing in action, and a seemingly endless period of Mercury being retrograde in the cosmos had ensured that Murphy’s Law was alive and kicking. Things at the store had been chaotic at best. Add in the missing shipments; a broken crystal vase thanks to my little furry fiend—I mean, friend—and store kitten, Minnie; and a laptop whose hard drive suddenly stopped talking to its keyboard, forcing us all to rely on memory to locate items in our extensive inventory; and what you got in total was frazzled nerves.

For a while I really thought we could have had something together. Sometimes it is hard to be wrong. But Marcus . . oh, yes. Kiss by kiss, touch by touch, look by look, moment by moment, he let me know how much he wanted me, and that was a very heady thing indeed. They say knowledge is power, but in a situation like this, did he hold the power? Or did I? And did that even matter when the end result promised so much fun and excitement along the way? I think not. And for once Minnie was playing along, not biting toes, not burrowing in my hair, not trying to worm her fuzzy face in between his and mine.

There was something deeply reassuring about his knowledge and mastery of all matters spiritual, a certainty I did not yet possess. Maybe I never would. But one thing I did know: next to Liss, Marcus made a pretty good counselor of the mysterious. Between the two of them, I was covered. I followed him inside, privately enjoying the warmth of his hand holding mine. ” I asked him when my eyes had adjusted to the more shadowy interior. Unusually shadowy. I couldn’t help noticing that all the curtains were drawn, and that set up in front of the big windows were what appeared to be cameras on tripods, as well as a couple of other odd-looking devices whose purposes I couldn’t guess.

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