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By L. Ron Hubbard

Meet Chuck Lambert, who, notwithstanding no longer precisely a idiot, is in charge of letting his mind's eye get the simplest of his wits. that is simply because our younger, naive Lambert desires his personal planet. yet instead of buy one legally from the inner division of the Outer Galactic regulate, he quickly succumbs to the flashy ads of an unsavory galactic swindler named Madman Murphy & the purported King of Planetary Realtors. What Madman is the king of, is promoting the unwary a planet that may not relatively correct, a planet the place one cannot take a seat simply because there is something the problem with its topic. and that is precisely what turns into the problem for our unfortunate voyager, after Chuck toils for 11 grueling years to scrape jointly adequate cash to ultimately purchase a planet of his personal.

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It will take me almost a week. ” Fitz went out and found the street jammed. Cameras flashed, people cheered. Reporters tried to learn something. 40 ♦ THE CONROY DIAR Y ♦ Mallory pulled out a tin cup and a pair of dark glasses and sat down on the steps, putting up a sign, “I got to pay a tax. Please help the needy. ” During the week Fitz made several volunteer lectures on the fauna and flora of the Treasury Department. He offered land for sale on the Planet Slumgo of the Blue Sky System—a billion acres of it at ten dollars an acre.

He held his hand for 21 ♦ L. RON HUBBARD ♦ them and she took them off and gave them to him. He gave her a fountain pen which had ceased to work and when she accidentally let it go, he brought it down from the ceiling and returned it to her. She tied it with a dress string and there it bobbed, trying to rise. ” He remembered, as he looked at these beads, the clay on his boots and he swiftly put several handfuls of rocks in his pockets. They kept him down. This was nerving. He went for a walk with her in the starlight.

Chuck made her understand, amid many “oofs,” that nothing untoward was intended. His efforts to communicate the facts by signs, that he was the owner of this planet and that these people were his subjects were received round-eyed and interpreted in some outlandish fashion he was never to know. After a while she finally took him to the village center 17 ♦ L. RON HUBBARD ♦ where a bucket of water stood beside a big stone square and Chuck sat down. He knew he couldn’t drink the water but he wanted to appear mild and tractable, the way a true planet owner should.

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