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And I didn't want Dorothy 85 The Smelting Works to get pregnant! Everything was their fault! " At that moment, Marion pushed past her father and moved towards Bud. The frightened young man turned away from her, and his foot slipped on the metal floor. He started to fall from the end of the catwalk. As he fell towards the terrible vat of liquid copper, he heard a scream. It reminded him of Dorothy's scream as she fell into the air shaft. It reminded him of Ellen's scream before his third bullet killed her.

2 "Now he wanted one of the real Pharmacy students to open the storeroom door for him ... " Explain why someone would think this. 3 The young man asks Dorothy to translate a passage from a Spanish novel for him. (a) Why? (b) When he writes his note to Dorothy, why does he draw a picture on the other side of it? 4 The young man sees that the sides of the Municipal Building are not completely straight. Why does this worry him? " Ellen writes. " Give a list of Ellen's reasons for thinking this. "My favorite artist is ...

He could follow her wherever she went. Bud Corliss recognized Marion Kingship. She looked like both her sisters. For months after he had killed Ellen Kingship, Bud Corliss had been angry and afraid. He'd been angry about the time he'd spent on the Kingships — first on Dorothy, t h e n on Ellen. And he'd been afraid about his future. Was he going to be poor, after everything he'd planned? He'd wanted some of Leo Kingship's money so much. And everything had gone wrong! He hadn't wanted Dorothy to get pregnant.

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