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3 . Partial citation of texts A s a rule, e n o u g h o f t h e s o u r c e h a s b e e n cited t o give a c o n t e x t sufficient t o clarify t h e m e a n i n g o f t h e w o r d . W h e r e p a r t s of t h e text h a v e b e e n o m i t t e d , this is i n d i c a t e d b y d o t s , t h u s : ... 4. Editions used T h e texts a r e cited from critical editions w h e r e t h e y exist, or from standard editions. 5. Translations T h e texts a r e given in t h e original R a b b i n i c H e b r e w o r A r a m a i c , a n d then in English t r a n s l a t i o n .

Finally, see BCohen, Jewish and Roman Law, New York 1966, 336n320. ) Syr: XT^DIX. PnS 69, (citing only BB. See BB66 , 183 ,; JTttViDK, 187,,: K^JDK) Palm: N^V&N, DISO 17. 13~, Krv>3~) ( 2 1 ) ( 1 ) s a l e ( 2 ) d e e d o f s a l e : cbvrj (1) Y P e s 4 . 9, 3 l b 4 9 : m x a ( 4) C O T n C D , L e a s e is like a sale. (2) G e n R 2 . 2 , 1 5 45 8 : i n x (4) * » n » i i n x *3ixa o r r w , o n a » 'n V? nnpxr; ^ a ^ . L i k e a k i n g w h o p u r c h a s e d t w o s l a v e s , b o t h o n o n e d e e d a n d for o n e p r i c e .

1 8 : . * n ' D B *n*p0 "IDIOT! ) " a n d scriptor. Buber, AgBer ad loc; Ginzberg, apud ACSup 430a. However, Mussaf (AC 1, 199a), Briill, Jahrb 1, 1874, 178, Fiirst 67b, Low (apud LW 2, 97a) see this word as dorjKprjxic, or onKprjxdpioi. 0 A . On the loss of the P, see LW 1, 124, where the examples are of the loss of an initial P. ) However, in the papyri we find examples of the loss of P in its clusters /mpt/, /mps/, and before / s / and A/. Eg nepipXezov (for nepiPXenxoo), StudPal iii, 30. 3 (VI cent).

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